We did not purchase $175k worth of CBD oil from HempAmericana, however...

We are not Eagle Hemp.  We are Hemp Eagle Cannabis Supplies.  We specialize in procuring and creating the highest quality vaporizers and glass for mostly dried cannabis flowers.  We stock the ones that are both the most popular and best for your health.  We do not currently stock any CBD oil or anything CBD.  We received many calls and emails yesterday and today regarding the news of a transaction between HempAmericana and Eagle Hemp.  

We did not participate in this: 

HempAmericana Announces Substantial Purchase Order Agreement and New Supplier Relationship with Eagle Hemp.

Hope this helps with some of the confusion out there.  Be on the lookout for our new Desktop Vaporizer for dried cannabis flowers.  It is going to revolutionize the dry herb vape market.  Cheers everyone and good luck to HempAmericana and Eagle Hemp!  That's a lot of CBD!

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