Top 5 Important Benefits of Vaping Dry Cannabis Flower.

Vaping Dry Cannabis Flower is BY FAR the most beneficial way of consuming dried cannabis flower.  Here are the top 5 most important benefits:

  1. Cannabinoid Absorption:  Cannabinoids are the reason we all love cannabis so much.  They are the powerful plant compounds that fuel our ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEMS and make us feel happier, be more "in the moment", sleep better, have better sexual function, have less anxiety, have less stress, and just feel more at ease and well.  There are over 480 natural components found in the cannabis plant and about 70 are classified as cannabinoids which are plant compound unique to cannabis.  When you vaporize dry cannabis flower, you are heating the material at a very low temperature and preserving almost all of the essential cannabinoids from the plant.  When properly vaping dry cannabis flower, your body will achieve about 95% more essential cannabinoid absorption versus smoking cannabis.  When smoking cannabis the very high temperature of the flame (over 2000 F) will burn off almost 98% of the essential and much desired cannabinoids.  Vaping cannabis oils and concentrates are more beneficial than smoking cannabis but are less beneficial than vaping dry cannabis flower.  This is due to the fact that there is, most cases, way more processing that occurs when making cannabis oils and concentrates.  Adding unnecessary chemicals and extreme heat are the most common methods of processing that can destroy essential cannabinoids and also have major adverse effects on the way you feel when vaporizing.  Vaping dry cannabis delivers a much more abundant and natural ratio of cannabinoids and will have you feeling the best.
  2. Less Undesirable Side Effects:  Most people who have been smoking marijuana their whole lives and then discover vaping dry cannabis will agree that vaping this way will lead to a lot less of what you don't want.  When vaping dry cannabis you will have a more "even feeling" and will most likely not be subject to the major undesirables like paranoia and headaches.  You will also most likely "come down" much easier and more gradually when vaping dry cannabis versus smoking it.  Vaping provides the superior amount of cannabinoid absorption (see benefit #1 above) and your body will responds by just simply feeling better.  
  3. Improved Sleep:  Something that really hit home for me and many of my associates is how much your sleep will improve when vaping dry cannabis versus smoking it.  Vaping dry cannabis is drastically more beneficial for sleep than smoking it because of our earlier example of cannabinoid absorption.  Almost all of the essential cannabinoids responsible for keeping our mind and body at ease are preserved when vaping dry cannabis flower.  These important cannabinoids are mostly destroyed by the high temperature of the flame when you smoke cannabis.  Vaping dry cannabis flower at bedtime makes you more at ease mentally and you subsequently fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than when smoking cannabis. 
  4. Brain Neurogenesis:  (Regeneration of brain cells) We were always told growing up that smoking marijuana will kill your brain cells, but ironically almost the opposite is true.  We are not saying that smoking marijuana will be beneficial to the brain but what we are saying is that vaping cannabis, ingesting raw cannabis, drinking cannabis tea, taking cannabis extracts, and taking cannabis oil have all shown to create brain neurogenesis.  Brain neurogenesis means the regeneration of brain cells and that's exactly what doctors have found in a major study conducted back on 2005.  The study found that after only 1 month of administering cannabis injections into rats that their hippocampus started producing new brain cells and reduced anxiety and depression-like behavior.  
  5. Sexual Enhancement: New studies are showing that when you nourish your Endocannabinoid system with cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, it significantly heightens sexual arousal in men and women.  Researchers are particularly surprised about how effective cannabis is in increasing the ease and intensity of the female orgasm.  Studies show that cannabis users have 20% more sex than those who do not use.  This applied to both men and women.

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