Much better than smoking! More Euphoria, Higher Highs & Less Side Effects!

An expert account...

"It's much better than smoking in every way.  You get much higher highs and more euphoria and for me, little to no side effects!"  Says Joseph Giordano, founder and president of Hemp Eagle Cannabis Supplies.  Joseph is referring to the way he feels when he vaporizes dried cannabis flowers vs. when he smokes them.  Joseph added, "It all started about 10 years ago when I was having a very long and vicious bout with insomnia.  I was an avid cannabis smoker and smoked pretty much morning, afternoon, and a lot at night.  For some reason smoking cannabis was not ever helping me sleep, ever!  Everything changed when a friend recommended trying a dry herb vaporizer.  A friend of his said it helped him sleep much better than smoking, so I bought one and have been sleeping like a baby ever since!"

It's the science of our bodies.

The reason Joseph was able to sleep much more successfully using a dry herb or weed vape is because his body was getting about 95% more essential cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis versus when smoking cannabis.  While smoking cannabis, the very high temperature of the flame will damage and/or destroy about 95% of the cannabinoids in the plant.  While vaporizing dried cannabis flowers, you will be extracting and preserving almost 100% of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.  There are over 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis.  It's not just THC and CBD folks.  These cannabinoids are there for a number of health benefits for humans and animals alike.  One of these benefits is the feeling of being "whole" and "at ease" when you vaporize dried cannabis flowers.  Joseph adds:  "When I vape cannabis at night, I choose a nice indica strain and I will get high for about an hour or two but, then, I come down so softly and all I can do is sleep!"  We all have a major cellular system in our bodies located in all of our major organs (mostly the brain) that is made to receive cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.  It's called The Endocannabinoid System.  You should all research it. 

Here's a link to UCLA's explanation of it:

How high do you wanna get?

Another benefit is the ability to reach higher levels of well, being high.  By vaporizing your weed using a good dry herb vaporizer, you will be getting a much higher quality of THC and CBD (and many other cannabinoids.)  When vaping, it is also much less harsh on your lungs and throat.  This will enable the avid stoner to medicate a lot more than when smoking.  Simply put, you can vape over and over and over again until you achieve the high of all highs!  Any dry herb vaporizer enthusiast will tell you that there is no need to take a T Break when you can just vape a little more to get the high you've been searching for!

Sex is so much better!

Using a dry herb vaporizer will drastically improve your sex life.  It comes down to the science again:  Low temperatures extracting all of the medicine from the flower.  The low temps of the vaporizer will give you so many more cannabinoids which will make you and your partner so much more hornier and "in the moment."  Many users also report having noticeably more strength while dry-herb-vaping compared to smoking.  Across the board people agree that vaping dry herb gives them less side effects, like less headaches and less paranoia which lends itself to success in the bedroom.  Joseph concludes: "Smoking has a tendency to make me feel kinda physically weak and zaps my desires while vaping will fuel the fire that makes me great!"

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