Hemp Flower is Now Fully Legal in the USA and We Can All Grow it!

Legal weed!  Well, sort of...

As of Thursday, December 20, 2018, the United States legalized Hemp for all 50 states.  Hemp cultivation regulations are now classified exactly like that of the  potato.  In other words, anyone can grow it. 

Why we care:

This has a special interest to us because we are huge proponents of vaping dry hemp flower.   Hemp flower looks, smells, tastes and feels very similar to marijuana flower. 

The only difference lies in the ratio of CBD to THC.  In now legal hemp, the THC content has to be UNDER .03%.  The good news is that hemp flower is extremely high in CBD and numerous amounts of other essential cannabinoids and terpenes.  Why are cannabinoids essential?  It's because of the Endocannabinoid System (Endogenous Cannabinoid System).  The Endocannabinoid System are cells that each and everyone of us have in all our major organs.  These cells have two bumps on them (Endocannabinoid Receptors) that are designed to absorb cannabinoids for optimal health utilization. Nourishing our Endocannabioid Systems with cannabinoids from hemp flower help us feel well and good.  Vaping hemp flower will help to keep us healthy both mentally and physically.

Hemp CBD and CBD Isolate:

When it comes to store bought CBD you are faced with 2 major options, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD or CBD Isolate.  Here is our opinion on the two:

  1. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD:  The "whole plant extract" is made from the whole hemp plant including the flower, leaves, stem, and seeds which contain CBD as well as numerous diverse cannabinoids. These cannabinoids synergistically act together to increase healing properties.  This can be more effective than isolating the single cannabinoid CBD (CBD Isolate).  Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is sometimes the better choice due to the simple fact that humans are a product of nature and Full Spectrum CBD is the CBD that "nature intended."  This type of CBD more naturally interacts with the body and provides less side effects.
  2. CBD Isolate:  This is an extremely processed, crystallin version of CBD containing 99% CBD.  This will give you the single cannabinoid CBD in it's most concentrated form.  The CBD isolate is made by stripping the hemp plant of all it's natural waxes, oils, chlorophyll, and other plant material, leaving only pure CBD.

It's important to note that when you vape dry hemp flower, you are getting an abundance of natural CBD and other cannabinoids that are responsible for healing and well-being.  

Now what?

If you think you have been hearing a lot about hemp and CBD before, well now you're going to be hearing about it a lot more.  You are free to grow it indoors or outdoors as long as your plant can be tested.  Even though the seed is of the same strain, each grown plant produces different THC ratios. For example, one seed can produce a .02% THC content while the next could have a THC content of .05%.  The latter of the two would be illegal as it falls over the .03% THC limit that appears in the farm bill.  So I guess you have to take your chances or send it out to get tested by a 3rd party.  If you're interested in ordering some nice organic hemp flower that has been tested and is under the .03% THC limit for yourself, simply visit the CBD section of our website and browse to the hemp flower or just click here.  You should buy a nice dry herb vape in our store while you're at it.  Vaping is much more therapeutic than smoking in our opinion.

Below is a picture of the organic hemp flower from Old Skool Remedies NM:

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