Do you need Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, CBD Isolate or THC?

Which one should you get?

If you can afford it, and it's legal, you should get all 3.  They all serve the vital purpose of healing our bodies and rescuing our bodies from the constant stresses of everyday life.  Life today isn't as clean and natural as it used to be.  We are faced with a constant assault from toxic food, toxic air, toxic water, emotional stress, and electromagnetic contaminants like 5g.  Cannabis in all it's healthy forms like CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, and THC consumed responsibly (vaping organic dried marijuana flower, or eating organic extracts), are all extremely healing.  They help rid our bodies of stress and depression.  They destroy inflammation and pain.  Most importantly, they nourish our Endocannabinoid Systems which helps to ward off Cancer, Dementia and Alzheimers Disease.  Without them, we are not giving our bodies the best chance at staying healthy physically and mentally.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD and CBD Isolate:

When it comes to store bought CBD you are faced with 2 major options, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD or CBD Isolate.  Here is our opinion on the two:

  1. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD:  The "whole plant extract" is made from the whole hemp plant including the flower, leaves, stem, and seeds which contain CBD as well as numerous diverse cannabinoids. These cannabinoids synergistically act together to increase healing properties.  This can be more effective than isolating the single cannabinoid CBD (CBD Isolate).  Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is sometimes the better choice due to the simple fact that humans are a product of nature and Full Spectrum CBD is the CBD that "nature intended."  This type of CBD more naturally interacts with the body and provides less side effects.
  2. CBD Isolate:  This is an extremely processed, crystallin version of CBD containing 99% CBD.  This will give you the single cannabinoid CBD in it's most concentrated form.  The CBD isolate is made by stripping the hemp plant of all it's natural waxes, oils, chlorophyll, and other plant material, leaving only pure CBD.  This is extremely helpful if you are dealing with an extreme health challenge.  For example, if you have a child who cannot consume THC and has a severe health problem like having seizures or severe autism, or an adult who can't get out of bed because of extreme pain, CBD Isolate is a good choice.

It's important to note that when you vape dry hemp flower, you are getting an abundance of natural CBD and other cannabinoids that are responsible for healing and well-being.  


THC will get you high and it will also heal you if you take it the right way.  The wrong way is smoking it.  Smoking weed does little to no benefit for you asides from some cool psychedelic effects and increase in appetite.  The high temperature of the flame destroys too many of the plant's essential cannabinoids and creates many harmful toxins.  Toxins that will create inflammation and disease.

The right way to consume THC is to either eat or drink it in an organic extraction of some sort, or to vaporize organic dry cannabis flower.  It's very important to note that THC should be consumed in moderation.  Overdoing it with THC can start to be too much for some people.  A good moderate THC schedule would be consuming it at night to help relax for example.

When you eat or drink a properly extracted THC product you will be allowing your body to absorb almost all of the cannabinoids that are available in the plant.  This is an effective and healthy method to experience the euphoric, psychedelic, pain reducing & stress-reducing effects of the all mighty THC.  

Vaporizing organic dried cannabis flower is the easiest and most "soul massaging" way of enjoying THC and almost 98% of it's other essential cannabinoids.  To vaporize this way you will need a dry herb vaporizer like a PAX or a Volcano.  You simply take weed and break it up well and put it into a medical grade oven which will heat it at a healthy low temperature.  Now all you have to do is inhale just like smoking and you are on your way to happy, healthy days.  The low temperature of the oven will preserve up to 98% of the essential cannabinoids and THC in the plant.  You will benefit from stress reduction, pain reduction, mood elevation and euphoria.  You'll be happy, horny and hungry.  So go enjoy your life!

Vaping Oils and Extracts

This is an effective, moderately healthy way of dosing THC or CBD.  This is more effective and healthier than smoking weed but still comes with some risks.  Oils and extracts start with dried flower and then add extreme heat and sometimes toxic chemicals used for extraction.  The devices used for vaping oils are suspect from a health standpoint because they can exude toxins.  If you can afford a nice rosin press, then that is your best option.  A rosin press will use extreme pressure to extract the essential oils from dried cannabis flower.  This will give you a wax like product free from chlorophyll and other plant material and extract mostly the cannabinoids.  These concentrates can be used for cooking and dabbing.

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