Cannabis is required for Seniors. Here's why:

Vaporizing Dry Cannabis Flower is the only method recommended!

Vaporizing cannabis flower is a requirement for senior living.  Cells located in our major organs have CANNABINIOD RECEPTORS on their surface.  When cannabis flower is vaporized, a multitude of cannabinoids are absorbed into these cannabinoid receptors and the result is that the cells becomes more healthy and protected.  These cells and the human body will now function better.  Vaporizing cannabis flower is the preferred method because the LOW TEMPERATURE of the oven will enable absorption of almost 98% of the essential cannabinoids that are destroyed by the heat of the flame (2k+ degrees) when cannabis is smoked.  Smoking cannabis burns off up to 98% of the essential cannabinoids and also creates inflammation and weakening of the immune system.

The benefits that Seniors get from vaporizing cannabis are:

  • Anti depression, mood enhancement, and improved overall joy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Pain relief.  Most aches and pains associated with aging are greatly eased and most of the time eliminated
  • Appetite boost.  Taste buds are rejuvenated and restored.  Overall eating habits become regulated.
  • Eyesight improvement.  Reduction and/or elimination of glaucoma.
  • Braincell regeneration/improved cognition.  Vaporizing cannabis enables optimal braincell cannabinoid absorption creating neurogenesis and protection against dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Improved sexual function and desire.
  • Improved sleep and reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Reduced inflammation and more energy to live a full life.
  • Fewer toxic prescription medications and in some really inspiring cases, prescription meds are completely replaced with cannabis.


More about vaporizing cannabis flower.

Vaporizing dried cannabis flower (both hemp and marijuana varieties) should be everyone's preferred method of medicating with cannabis for improving overall health.  With a medical grade, toxin-free oven, the right dry herb vaporizer will give your body the most amount of essential cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and CBC.  So, you get what your body needs and you don't get the toxic chemicals that create disease in the body.  For example, when you vape cannabis oils in a vape pen, you are subjecting your body to toxins from the plastics in the device and from the chemicals that are in the actual oils as a result of the processing.  It takes a lot of processing with extreme heat and chemicals when making a "vapeable" oil from cannabis flower.  Why not just go right to the source and take the pure dried organic cannabis flower and put in directly in a medical grade oven and vape it on a low temperature!? You will feel euphoria and joy without any inflammation and toxicity.

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